My friend, my boyfriend and the first man!

12321424Hello. My name is Isabella. I am 19 years old. At the time of the story I was 18 years old. A little about me: I have a beautiful figure, bust size 2.5, brunette with green eyes. I studied at the university and did not have time for boys and dating, but because of my good looking figure I saw looks of guys across the ass and tits. Let’s take a little bit about my first man. His name is William. He is 21, but the point of the story he was 20 years old. Brown eyes, plays sports and has a car.

We met for 5 months before losing my innocence. It was summer and pouring rain. I sat in a cafe and drinking a cup of tea and ate cake. Suddenly I saw a young, handsome guy who came out of the car and heads toward the cafe. Up to this point I am not interested in guys but at that moment something happened. I looked around and saw that all the tables are occupied. What I was happy when I realized that only next to me freely! And then I see him walking towards me …

– I’m sorry, may I sit next to you?

– Of course. Sit down!

He closed hubnude on his laptop and started chat.

Then we started to talk about something not important. We find out that we have mutual friends. Together with his comrades began to go to the cinema, to the disco, and so on. But soon our meets began reduced. Soon autumn, and then study. In the autumn, we have rarely seen. Winter came … And it means next another birthday! But because of the cursed study I forgot everything … December 28 … William’s birthday. In this beautiful winter day, I slept at home thinking about nothing. Suddenly the telephone rang. That was William.

– Hi. Happy Birthday William!

– Hi. Thank you. Isabella, in honor of my birthday I decided to make not big party. Will you come?

– OK. When? Where we are going?

– At my home at 8pm.

– Good. I will come. See ya.

– Bye.

I got out of bed and went into the kitchen. Then I went into the shower. After breakfast I packed up and went to the store to buy a gift for William. Chosen the most beautiful in my thought clock, I went home. Glancing at my watch, I realized that already 6 pm. Throwing the bag on the floor, I decided to take a shower and hurriedly dressed my beautiful red dress and heels called a taxi. Drawing attention to the time, I knew that already late. After 20 minutes, I was near the entrance of William’s house. Once getting on the elevator to the 16th floor, I knocked on the door. William opened … He was in a chic costume … My pussy seems flowed …

– Hi. Come in

– Hello, William. Again, happy birthday. Here you go your gift.

– Thank you. Do not be shy, come on!

I went to his apartment. I am pleasantly surprised. Everything is clean and beautiful. I took off my coat, and thought to himself: “And where are all guests?”. But then I calmed down and realized that others are late.

– Come into the room.

William showed me quite a nice bedroom. I went and saw a table next to the bed. It is so beautiful lit candles, stood two glasses of champagne. Suddenly, someone took me by the shoulders and kissed … I breath … It was so gentle … I turned my head and saw William. He began to kiss me on the lips. I was shocked but it yielded some strange feeling.

– I love you, Isabella … (kiss). Let today become one whole? Just you and me…

My eyes were square and I realized that love him.

– I … do not know … I just … more

– Hush … (hugs) I understand … do not worry all is well ..!

And then I felt his hand on my ass. He picked me up and laid on the bed. At this point, I do want know nothing … I would like it … very much! William began to take off my clothes, and then stockings. I gently tried to  participate in the process, and took off his shirt. He has such a great body! From all that is happening in my head spin and I just stopped thinking. When I finally woke up I noticed that I left in my underwear, and he was in his shorts. His cock was huge (it turned out later to 24 cm). William smiled and kissed me on the neck. I shivered! He carefully took off my bra and I could see the excitement in his eyes.

– My ex was not had such boobs like yours!

Then William gently pulled off my panties and with himself … He began to kiss me and slowly sinking below. Here he kisses my nipples. A minute later comes to my “intimate area” and again kissed. With my lips pulled a low moan of bliss. He seemed unaware of the moves on. William spreads my legs and starts licking my clit. At this point I have almost reached orgasm but William seemed to tease me. When I no longer have the strength to say

– I’m ready!

William remembered the beautiful virgin pussy had seen at

He smiled and walked into me. Pain … a few tears out of my eyes … and then pleasing pain! William begins to move in me. With my mouth sounded loud moans … We just have to spit on all and to all! This world only for us! After 20 minutes, I felt something … and here is my first orgasm in my life … After 2 minutes he shot sperm in me … We were lying on the bed and kissed, and then fell asleep in an embrace. The next day he asked me to be his GF and I agreed. I think how we spend New Year’s Eve is not necessary to tell… Now we date and I think that after 2 years married.

Thank you for your attention! Love and kisses!