My friend, my boyfriend and the first man!

12321424Hello. My name is Isabella. I am 19 years old. At the time of the story I was 18 years old. A little about me: I have a beautiful figure, bust size 2.5, brunette with green eyes. I studied at the university and did not have time for boys and dating, but because of my good looking figure I saw looks of guys across the ass and tits. Let’s take a little bit about my first man. His name is William. He is 21, but the point of the story he was 20 years old. Brown eyes, plays sports and has a car.

We met for 5 months before losing my innocence. It was summer and pouring rain. I sat in a cafe and drinking a cup of tea and ate cake. Suddenly I saw a young, handsome guy who came out of the car and heads toward the cafe. Up to this point I am not interested in guys but at that moment something happened. I looked around and saw that all the tables are occupied. What I was happy when I realized that only next to me freely! And then I see him walking towards me …

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